CIBTC Blockchain Summit Motril
International Blockchain Congress Motril

11th & 12th December 2020*

Discovering a world based on Blockchain

What is CIBTC Blockchain Summit?

The CIBTC Blockchain Summit, changes the traditional concept of congress and focuses on providing information in a more modern and active way, a new concept of which there are few references at national and even international level, although it is the concept mostly developed in the different congresses or meetup on Bitcoin and Blockchain made worldwide.

The Event

Join us for two days of interactive demonstrations, announcements, collaborative development meetings, Workshops and a long list of workshops and courses that will keep you looking forward to the future.

First level speakers

In the CIBTC we present the most relevant speakers of the Blockchain scene to share experiences, projects and knowledge with the attendees.

Interactive demonstrations

You can enjoy interactive presentations that facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge in the Blockchain area and cryptocurrencies.


In each CIBTC, First level meetings will be held with the speakers of the event, as well as other attendees, investors or developers.


Workshops are essential to learn directly from people who are developers and creators of real Blockchain projects.

Participate in the 7th Edition of

International Blockchain Congress CIBTC Blockchain Summit Motril 2020

December 11th-12th, 2020, at the Motril Congress Palace

The first multicultural Blockchain Congress, which has created a milestone when it comes to events of this type. Buy tickets in advance with discount.

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Events and Meetups

Follow the calendar of events of the CIBTC Blockchain Summit and sign up for the list of attendees.

Excellent speakers with excellent themes. Join us!

Don't wait any longer to reserve your place now. The seats in the Motril Congress Palace, they are limited. So hurry up!

Attend the largest "technology fair" in Granada where technological innovations, new developments and talks of the highest academic level will be presented, and a series of workshops carried out by great experts, which will go to new users and users with great specialization.

Don't miss out on the opportunity, join us!

CIBTC Blockchain Summit
Motril 2020

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*AMIT Scholarship Ticket

49 €


89 €


  • 20 speakers
  • 15 blockchain projects
  • 20 sponsors
  • 25 media partners
  • 6 workshops
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December 11-12

Motril Congress Palace

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    CIBTC Blockchain Summit | Team

    Fernando Molina

    President of Asociación MIT

    Alberto Feixas

    Master of Ceremonies

    Advisors CIBTC

    Rafael Sánchez García

    Blockchain-DLT and International Business Consultant

    Gonzalo Aupí

    COO in
    Blockchain Projects Platform - CIBTC Blockchain Summit Advisor for Europe, North America & LATAM

    Ambassadors CIBTC

    Alberto Ramón Carot

    CCO - HEAD Marketing
    Asia - Pacífico Territorio Blockchain


    The CIBTC Blockchain Summit | is possible thanks to the unconditional support of our amazing Sponsors that allow us to make known in several communities in Spain the impact of Blockchain technology in each of the events we have developed.

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